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Our first single Arabusi Unleashed came out on the 9th January. Click on the link to purchase now. It’s only £0.99

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Plus, we have another single coming out, probably in March so stay in touch to find out where and when. This is the big follow up single.


Massive News, the Deeks have a new member in their ranks now. Sandy “Kebab” Sanchez has joined the lads to add another dimension to their already amazing dimension. He has the ability to play all instruments but has opted to play the keyboards and has fitted in like a glove on fire. Check out his profile on the Band Line Up page.

We have been signed by Chromium Records in a non-exclusive deal, where we will have one of our songs on a compilation record and will also release our very own single through the download chart. These are very exciting times for the Deeks. The first release is out on 31st October, called The Best Of The Best...

Check out the record company here:




Furthermore, we have signed up for a merchandising deal. Click on the link in the top right hand side to purchase your dog’s t-shirt, a couple of fridge magnets, the top-selling BBQ apron or even your girlfriend’s thong - all emblazoned with the D-Karts logo


Great picture. Thank you very much to our favourite band photographer - our great friend Davina!


If you have any news to forward to us that we could include on this page then please email us at, contact@dkarts.co.uk

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