Skinner Jnr, lead vocals and rhythm guitar.


Leader, talisman and general ambassador for the D-Kart sound. He can be found at Glasgow Fort most days in search of rare J.G.W CDs. He also enjoys chilli (with Pakeeza and Mango Lassi). We await Skinner Snr (Gordon)’s rock opera with baited breath. Hail the weirdy beardy and his forthcoming time-machine!

Cougar Wolf, lead guitar, backing vocals, blues harp and cow bell.


Abe is The Commander of The Regiment of Amazing Riffs & Rhythms (aka ROARR). He controls this with an iron fist and it is reported that Owen Archdeacon is his 2IC. Furthermore, he has  recently discovered and conquered a lost island off the south-eastern tip of Argentina with his band of vicious beats and guitars.

Growling Howling McLaughlin, bass guitar.


Growling lays down the funk grooves to complement the full gamete of  vicious beats that the rhythm section provides. He does not enjoy smoking fags as much as he used to and wishes we would get signed soon. Recently visited Brazil where he was attacked by guerrillas and gorillas at the same time. Shocking!


The Real Deal, drums and backing vocals.


Lock sits at the back and may appear quiet but has the band at his beck and call, preferring to dominate the rear. He provides the band with money and is the “accountant” within the ranks. Pretends to know what he is doing all the time, even though he can be clearly lost. Enjoys quizzes and lager, mixed together with good tunes.

Peanut, bongos and occasionally tambourine.


Bongo was born in the Brazilian jungle and raised by lions, or possibly lizards. He can't remember. It was here that he discovered his gift for percussion, learning from a wise monkey. He escaped the jungle; it involved helicopters. He now enjoys only the finer things in life, speaks immaculate English and is very good at spending money. Luckily, he is now in the D-Karts.

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Kebab, keyboards and stomping beats.


Sandy started out as a youngster, maiming small mammals and vermin. He quickly got promoted to full on Bounty Hunter then got the sack from Darth Vader by sleeping with Darth’s girlfriend. Since then he learned to play the piano using nothing but old bones and cheese wire. He can be seen frequenting The Rag n Bone shop where he likes to buy old carpets and rare copies of Bounty to pretend he still lives the life.